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Different types of eco-farming product

Seeds package

Seeds mix 1

You can grow your own Farm66 veggies at home, come and get it!!!!!



Chinese version only.

Wild Rocket / Arugula 0g

(1 person use) Salad Mix Ingredients (Selected 6 veggies in variable proportion) Wild Rocket, Curly Endive, Mizun, Basil, Oak Leaf, Coral Lettuce, Boston Lettuce, Blackcabbage, Romaine Lettuce The Microbiological test results are qualified to comply with a standard of Food safety for Ready-...

Regular size salad cup 50g

Chinese version only.

Oak Leaf Lettuce 0g

Farm66 'A bundant harvest' of basket

'A bundant harvest' of basket 3kgs

Chinese version only.

Ice Plant 0g

Good for cooking seafood, especially for crab.

Locally Grown Perilla 10g