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Different types of eco-farming product

Cherry Tomatoes cup

Cherry Tomatoes cup

Tomato fans can enjoy different types of favour in our cherry tomatoes cup.



Chinese version only.

Blackcabbage 0g

Chinese version only.

Romaine Lettuce 0g

Go Green Party! Good choice for party or salad day - fresh, healthy, wholesome veggies! Everyone happy to have "Salad Tree" in the party! 4 layers Salad Tree - 30 mini size salad cup Extra 1 layer(25 cups) +$500 Mini size salad cups +$700 Regular size salad cups +$900 Fresh cherry tomato...

Salad Tree 30pcs

Farm66 king oyster mushroom has a significantly thick, creamy white color body. Also it has a crisp texture with a  special almond flavor.

King oyster mushroom 200g

Chinese version only.

Ice Plant 0g

Farm66 'A bundant harvest' of basket

'A bundant harvest' of basket 3kgs