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Different types of eco-farming product

Crucian fresh fish above 250g

Crucian fresh fish above 250g

Crucian fresh fish above 250g



Full cup of black tomatoes

Black Tomatoes cup 140g

9 different types of seeds ($30 per pack): 1.Romaine Lettuce Seeds (around 400-500pcs) 2.Blackcabbage Seeds (around 400-500pcs) 3.Red Mizuna Seeds (around 200-300pcs) 4.Mizuna Seeds (around 400-500pcs) 5.Curly Endive Seeds (around 400-500pcs) 6.Boston Lettuce Seeds (around 400-500pcs) 7.Cor...

9 different types of seeds 50pack

Go Green Party! Good choice for party or salad day - fresh, healthy, wholesome veggies! Everyone happy to have "Salad Tree" in the party! 4 layers Salad Tree - 30 mini size salad cup Extra 1 layer(25 cups) +$500 Mini size salad cups +$700 Regular size salad cups +$900 Fresh cherry tomato...

Salad Tree 30pcs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml

Chinese version only.

Oak Leaf Lettuce 0g

Good for cooking seafood, especially for crab.

Locally Grown Perilla 10g