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Different types of eco-farming product

Wild Rocket / Arugula

Wild Rocket / Arugula

Chinese version only.



Japanese style-a little bit sweet with sour favour

Kewpie salad dressing-japanese dressing 25ml

Full cup of black tomatoes

Black Tomatoes cup 140g

What does Farm66 Bio-bacteria do? ●Inhibits new tank syndrome ●Increases bacteria count of existing filtration ●Eases maintenance of aquaponic system ●Replenishes bacteria after filter maintenance ●Farm66 Bio-bacteria will not generate additional ammonia, a problem that may occur with other bac...

Farm66 Bio-bacteria 2L

All people favorite

Kewpie salad dressing- roasted sesame dressing 25ml

Tomato fans can enjoy different types of favour in our cherry tomatoes cup.

Cherry Tomatoes cup 140g

Farm66 'A bundant harvest' of basket

'A bundant harvest' of basket 3kgs