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Different types of eco-farming product

Ice Plant

Ice Plant

Chinese version only.



What does Farm66 Bio-bacteria do? ●Inhibits new tank syndrome ●Increases bacteria count of existing filtration ●Eases maintenance of aquaponic system ●Replenishes bacteria after filter maintenance ●Farm66 Bio-bacteria will not generate additional ammonia, a problem that may occur with other bac...

Farm66 Bio-bacteria 2L

Crucian fresh fish below 250g

Crucian fresh fish below 250g 250g

Good for cooking and salad

Locally Grown Basil 10g

Chinese version only.

Boston Lettuce 0g

Wheat Grass seeds

Wheat Grass seeds 50g

(1-2 persons use) Salad Mix Ingredients (Selected 6 veggies in variable proportion) Wild Rocket, Curly Endive, Mizun, Basil, Oak Leaf, Coral Lettuce, Boston Lettuce, Blackcabbage, Romaine Lettuce The Microbiological test results are qualified to comply with a standard of Food safety for Ready-...

Jumbo size salad cup 80g