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Farm66 Bio-bacteria

Farm66 Bio-bacteria

What does Farm66 Bio-bacteria do? ●Inhibits new tank syndrome ●Increases bacteria count of existing filtration ●Eases maintenance of aquaponic system ●Replenishes bacteria after filter maintenance ●Farm66 Bio-bacteria will not generate additional ammonia, a problem that may occur with other bacteria cultures Notice: ● For use in aquarium ● Keep away from children and pets ● Store in a cool dark place ● Once opened this product should be used within 6 months ● Shake evenly before using, it's normal that there is offensive smell and red precipitates appear after holding the bottle Use these steps: 1. Open the filter cover 2. Take suitable amount Farm66 Bio-bacteria into a beaker(every 100L water add a copy of 10ml Farm66 Bio-bacteria every week), remember do not directly into the tank 3. Pour the Farm66 Bio-bacteria on a cotton filter and make sure the bacteria surface and flow direction can mix together 4. Put the filter cover back and wait for the ecosystem establish * Note: If there is a foul odor which is came from removal products of normal metabolism of bacteria, please feel at ease Usage Consumption: Every 100L water add a copy of 10ml Farm66 Bio-bacteria every week Function: This Farm66 Bio-bacteria is ''water nutrition'' of the aquaponic system which can apply to the fresh and seawater extensively. It can regulate the amount of nitrogen and ammonia level in water, moreover, it can help to get rid of H2S and nitrite effectively. In addition to improve water quality, stabilize pH of water body and offer a large amount of natural nutrition, also to promote the microorganism to resolve, filter the water pollutant and prevent disease from occurring.



Chinese version only.

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Chinese version only.

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