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FCE alumnus revitalizes industrial building with indoor farming


Ever dreamt of having your own business and being the boss? Gordon Chi Ho Tam, the Director of Farm66 Investment Ltd., is doing just that. Since graduating from the MSc programme in Sustainable Urban Development in 2011, he has founded a company that grows organic vegetables in an old industrial building in Kwun Tong. Not only does it allow him to follow his passion for nurturing plants, it also breathes new life into a part of town that is known more for its dilapidated industrial buildings than organic farming.

Gordon first discovered his interest for planting in an agricultural laboratory at Washington State University, when he was studying architecture and interior design. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he worked in an architectural firm. He even spent a few years in real estate and asset management, where he made his initial fortune. But he was not seduced by financial success. For him, it is more gratifying to be a farmer, growing healthy vegetables for the next generation of Hong Kong.

According to Gordon, he knew a lot of people in Hong Kong who have developed some form of allergy to the chemicals found in their fruits and vegetables, which mostly come from mainland China. To meet the demand for pesticide-free fresh produce, he decided to begin his own farming venture.

Leasing about 3000 square feet in an industrial building in 2012, he has since transformed the unit into a laboratory for agricultural research. Farm66 is the first to grow a variety of lettuces using an “aquaponics” system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics to create a symbiotic relationship between fish and plant life. A spectrum of LED lighting is applied via “wavelength technology” to increase the photosynthesis for the plants, which are grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers. Developed by Gordon and his research team, the system has already been patented. Growing organic fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms, Farm66 produces about 7 tons of leafy greens per year. Its signature item, the Salad-to-Go cup, as well as other produce, have been marketed to groups and restaurants. They will soon be available in stores like Citysuper. Gordon explains that his end goal is to distribute healthy, fresh, organic produce and promote ‘more veggies, less meat’ to local consumers. His Salad-to-Go cup is his way of replacing processed, packaged foods with an equally convenient, but much healthier option.

These days, Gordon is busy looking into areas where he can expand his flourishing business. A plan to mass produce cups of Salad-to-Go is in the works. He is also sought after as a speaker by schools and organizations interested in hearing him talk about his farm, living a low carbon life-style, and related topics like recycling and global warming. With so many options, his future is virtually unlimited. We wish him all the best.

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