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Gordon is satisfied seeing his vegetable grows healthily, and he's hoping the public can taste the real healthy food from these products.

"We are what we eat." We should eat healthy if we pursue a healthy life. However how many people really knows about the food they eat? Luckily, Gordon Tam, the founder of Farm66, is devoted to bring un-polluted vegetables to Hong Kong. The reason Gordon started an indoor farm in an old industrial building, was his niece who is allergic to chemicals. "Most of the vegetables and fruits we find in the market are grown with chemicals that speed up the growth. Those chemicals cause skin allergies, and make my niece suffer from itchiness. Since then, I started to grow organic tomatoes to reduce the risk of allergy. Those tasty but chemical-less tomatoes planted a seed of starting an indoor organic eco-farming in my mind." Gordon explained why he started the business. city'super values Farm66's originality of the farming system and its healthy delicious vegetables, hence introduce the salad cup from them. Now more customers can taste the product from the innovative farming method from Hong Kong.

Indoor organic farming is trending in Japan, however Farm66 do not use the common T9 light pipes to farm. It is the first indoor organic farm in Hong Kong which utilizes Controlled Environment Horticulture (C.E.H.) multi-layer system coporated with Wavelength technology, hydroponics and aquaponic techonologies. Farming in a close environment can reduce harm from natural hazards, insect attacks and germ spreads. On the other hand, you can control indoor temperature and humidity, also assure all irrigation are from filtered and clean water source. Moreover, the whole farming process is free of pesticides and chemicals, so all vegetables guaranteed to be completely healthy and fresh.

Farm66 is a complex of different technologies and systems. Wavelength technology is utilizing LED lights developed and patented exclusively by Farm66 to increase the rate of photosynthesis hence efficiency of growth, which increases both the quality and quantity of vegetable produced.

Green plants need to absorb most red, blue and ultraviolet light to photosynthesize and increase amount of chlorophyll. Gordon further explained, "Red light stimulates plants to grow skywards, blue light helps plants to grow wider and stronger, while ultraviolet light promotes the growth of thickness of plant.

Different plants desire different spectrum of light, it requires an amount of time to operate experiments on the best combination of light for different plant respectively." All agricultural products from Farm66 are placed on specially made shelves. Soil are replaced by cotton to support the plants to avoid growth of insects and prevent absorption of impurities from soil.

Staff of Farm66 are responsible for tasks with great care, from examining water quality, spectrum synthesizing, sowing, plant fixing, harvesting to packaging.

The aquapontic system, which is also patented, handles the excrement of freshwater fish by various chemical process and turns those waste into valuable fertilizer for plants. Gordon raises white crucian carp to supply nutrients for his plants. "White crucian carp is inexpensive freshwater fish, yet it is medicinal valuable, especially for new mums who have just given birth. Most fishes live best in neutral or slightly alkaline water and would get sick if they live under acidic conditions. White crucian carp is the lesser kind which can survive in rather acidic water and is not meat-eating, hence is the best choice for our system." White crucian carps are fed with vegetables and peanut bran, their excrement are decomposed, pass through various filtering system, become purified fertiliser for the farm, and being carried by the aqueducts of the shelves to the plants.

When the fertiliser passes through roots of plants, water would be purified and oxygen content would rise. Therefore when water flows back to fish tank it contains more oxygen and facilitate the growth of fish. In addition, unsold vegetables produced by the farm are part of the fish food, the system is hence self-sustained. To provide more nutrients for vegetables, Gordon filters the aqueducts with lava rock and oyster shells to supplement minerals good for growth of plants. The whole ecosystem do not need any additional chemicals to sustain, is absolutely fertilizer free, safe and hygienic, so consumers can eat healthily with no doubt.

Farm66 produces more than 10 different kinds of vegetables since established, it brings to us its new Veggie cup recently with the 2 freshest daily choice of young leaves and 4 choices of vegetables, which includes rockets, endives, mizuna, basil, oak leaves, coral lettuce, boston lettuce, black cabbage and romaine lettuce. The whole planting process is completed in a close space, all vegetable passes government appointed bacterial test to prove its safety and can be eaten immediately. It only takes less than half day to transport the Veggie cups to city'super from packaging, they are guaranteed to be the freshest and tastiest.

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