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Different types of eco-farming product

Kewpie salad dressing

Kewpie salad dressing- roasted sesame dressing

All people favorite



Tomato fans can enjoy different types of favour in our cherry tomatoes cup.

Cherry Tomatoes cup 140g

What does Farm66 Bio-bacteria do? ●Inhibits new tank syndrome ●Increases bacteria count of existing filtration ●Eases maintenance of aquaponic system ●Replenishes bacteria after filter maintenance ●Farm66 Bio-bacteria will not generate additional ammonia, a problem that may occur with other bac...

Farm66 Bio-bacteria 2L

Wheat Grass seeds

Wheat Grass seeds 50g

Good for cooking and salad

Locally Grown Basil 10g

Chinese version only.

Wild Rocket / Arugula 0g

Farm66 king oyster mushroom has a significantly thick, creamy white color body. Also it has a crisp texture with a  special almond flavor.

King oyster mushroom 200g